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The first step to go for redevelopment is to assess the stability of old structure

Structural Audit- Survey:

1. Survey Report (Inspection Report):
Before commencing Rehabilitation / Repair / Redevelopment work of the structure visual health inspection to be conducted and survey will be carried out in accordance with the recommendations and guidelines.

  • General Observations from external-internal sides including each and every flat with light tapping hammer.
  • Assessment of Damages to RCC members.
  • Finding the causes of leakages and suggesting remedial measures.
  • Summarize the data collected, study causes of distress and compile structural survey report.
  • Phasing out priority wise Repair programs.
After analyzing the various observations we shall suggest right treatment/methodology of repairs for effective and long lasting results. Also survey report covers various options of repairs with the help of client we decide the best-suited repairs seeing the condition of building and availability of funds with the society.

2. Post Inspection Services:
Preparation of Tender Document, “Tender” is a crucial document, which is to be designed meticulously to avoid any kind of misunderstanding/argument during the course of project. It shall contain an Agreement, various information's to tenderer, technical specifications, general conditions, detailed specifications and Bills of quantities.

After detailed study of various Bids, considering technical and commercial angle a bid comparison chart is prepared with our recommendations. We shall assist in short-listing some contractors for interview and negotiations and over mutually acceptable contractor is finally selected to carry out proposed work.

3. Project Planning:
After placing of work order the contractor is asked to prepare a detail work schedule with Bar chart with our help including cash flow.

4. Quality controls:
A regular visit of a Project Manager is arranged 3-4 times a week. Maximum emphasis is given on surface preparations; necessary instructions/ specifications shall be issued to contractor as per the requirement of the structure to have right kind of repair for longer time.

5. Preparation of Payment Advice:
Whenever the contractor raises bills it will be certified by the Consultant’s Office and payment advice will be issued for releasing of the payment to the client. Prompt payment by the client will ensure timely completion of the project.

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