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We are a dynamic and progressive Indian Project Management Company specialized in Engineering and Architectural Services, committed to render services for constructions ,Reconstructions, Restorations, Redevelopments, of civil structures. In the relatively short span of our existence, we have helped in carrying out quality jobs using a systematic & scientific approach and applying a professional attitude to otherwise largely unorganized sector.

We have had the pleasure of dealing with many structures Including Housing Societies, Corporate Companies and Educational institutions for various services of Project Management , Architectural services, RCC designs, Structural Audit & stability, Building plans & design analysis, Restorations, Rehabilitations & Redevelopments.

The company has a Team of Project Manager, Structural Engineer, Civil Engineer, Architect, Executive Engineers, supervisors and Marketing Team, who have got vast experience in project management services

The Company

There is thin line that separates good from great, to cross that line takes passion that goes beyond dedication, an obsession to achieve perfection in one chosen field.
 For Edifice Erections, the quest for the elusive goal of perfection has successful one.
 The quest continues…… spurring us on to even greater achievements.

 Our Mission

To be the leading provider of project management consulting services
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