Redevelopment Information:
  Beware of Manipulations
  Commencement Certificate
  Duties of Developers
  Building Plans Agreements
  Indemnity Bond
  Offer Through Tenders
  Right To Information
  Shifting to Alternate Accommodations
  Stages Of Approvals
  Stages Of Redevelopment
  Occupation Certificate Infrastructure
  • Offer letter to the society
  • Terms and conditions with the society
  • Agreement with the society
  • Sanction from MCGM in favour of the society
  • Loading of TDR in the society’s name
  • Obtaining the IOD
  • Shifting of the members
  • Demolition of the building
  • Obtaining the CC
  • Construction of the new building
  • Obtaining the OC
  • Shifting the old members
  Other Links:
  Redevelopment Procedure & Guidelines
  Redevelopment Rules & Regulations